Solved: Your PC’s CPU is not compatible with Windows 8

When installing Windows 8 it is possible that you receive the following error:

Your PC’s CPU isn’t compatible with Windows 8.

Solution: For Windows 8 tor run the CPU needs to support Physical Address Extension (PAE), NX, and SSE2.  Most modern CPUs have these features, but it is possible this is not enabled in your systems’ BIOS.

You can access your systems’ BIOS by pressing Del, F2 or another key right after starting your computer. See your systems’ documentation for more information about entering your BIOS.

When you are able to enter your BIOS, look for the ‘NX support’ option and enable it. It can also be called Virtualisation Support’

Save the settings and reboot the computer, when you retry the installation, the error message should be gone.

According to Steven S. on the Microsoft answer forum:

To resolve this error, follow manufacturer guidelines to enable NX (“No eXecute bit”), or the equivalent XD (“eXecute Disabled”), feature within the BIOS settings. This feature is typically found in the Advanced or Security tabs within the BIOS settings, and can be referred to by a variety of names, including but not limited to:

·        No Execute Memory Protect

·        Execute Disabled Memory Protection

·        EDB (Execute Disabled Bit)

·        EVP (Enhanced Virus Protection)


If the BIOS setting for the NX (XD, EDB, or EVP) support option is not available on your system, you may need to contact the manufacturer to update the BIOS.  Note that some very old processors may not contain these features and will be incompatible with Windows 8 Release Candidate.


There is a Microsoft whitepaper available describing the processor requirements for Windows 8.

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10 thoughts on “Solved: Your PC’s CPU is not compatible with Windows 8

  1. Does release preview let you run apps on your native netbook resolution or do you have to do the same tricks as in the consumer preview (regedit)?


  2. I am not happy with windows 8, i will never buy it, Why release Windows 8 for a 32-bit processor and tack on a few more things that the processor simply does not have, NX Crap and garbage!! Screw windows 8. Windows 7 isn;t that depanding like windows 8. Microsoft wants you get a new pc so often, not me!!! Windows 8 is for the birds and Microsoft better do something about an update for windows 8 that will disable that EXTRA CPU crap,First they say a 32-bit cannot address no more then 4 gigs of ram, then they come out with this nx Crap and some other things that the cpu has to have to address more then 4 gigs of ram if its not a 64-bit, i am running a 2.4gig processor and it does not have that nx crap, and windows 8 requires atleast a 1-gig processor, i am well within the requirements but cannot run it because of the NX CRAP!!!!

  3. I have already successfully installed windows 8 in my netbook samsung n100s and change the resolution to the required. however whenever i tried to access the metro apps it restarts my computer. any problem?

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